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Shop Update & Classes

Gah! How is it March already!?

There are only 3 and a bit weeks left of the school term!

(Ok so now I am having a minor freak out as I write this, realising I need to get my butt into gear and write up and market my school holiday program.)

I thought I would start off by showing you some of the fun we have been having in our after school kids classes this term.

By far the favourite has been embroidery. I thought I would do a quick introductory class for one lesson but it turned into two classes and some kids wanted to keep going for a third lesson to finish them. I have been pleasantly surprised at the kid's concentration and determination. They got to draw their own pictures and learnt running and satin stitch.

We have also done Watercolour Water Experimentation, Card Making with Stamps, Colour By Numbers With a Twist and Fantasy Castles with acrylic paints.

Here are a couple of examples:


Last week our Soul Connection Art Journaling classes started back up and it was so nice seeing everyone. These run the last Friday of every month and are a great way to be yourself and create without the expectations of others. It is a way of checking in with yourself and acknowledging what you need. You will be surprised at how you subconsciously tap into your needs and the answers you receive. One of the great things about art journaling is that you don’t need to be artistically creative. If you can hold a brush, you can do the class.

Take a look at these art journal pages from the night. Our theme was New Year Reflection. We looked at what we wanted to leave behind and bring with us from last year and what we wanted to do differently this year.

The class is all about the process, not necessarily about the end result. It always has a symbolic meaning for the person creating it.

If you want to know more about class, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get updates you will also be able to watch a Q&A video I made based on questions from you guys.


The next exciting thing I am busting to tell you is that I have done a big shop update today! I have added 3 new original artworks.

As you probably know I am a mixed media artist and my favourite thing to paint are expressive women.

My intention with my paintings is for all women to embrace self-care without guilt, to welcome a deep connection with themselves and rediscover who they are once the expectations of others has been shed. When admiring them, I want you to be reminded of the power you have within you. I want you to welcome the courage is takes to lead a life which inspires you and to look at transformation and past mistakes as a gift for growth.

Click each picture to take you to it and see close ups, progress shots and learn who she is.

I have also added 2 new designs to my Redbubble shop so you can buy all sorts of merchandise with these printed on them. These were the most requested designs to add based on a poll a while back.

Here are some ideas from the Gypsy design:

I loved the tiled images on here rather than a single image.

There are a crazy amount of things you can have these prints on like tech covers such as phone cases, clothing such as tshirts and jumpers, homewares such as mugs and cushions, stationary such as notebooks and magnets and wall hangings such as prints and canvases.

Redbubble is an Australian company who source their printed products from all over the world depending on who does it best. This might mean that shipping is a little bit more for some products compared to other items as they are coming from overseas.

Here are some ideas from the Goddess Wadjet design:

I can personally vouch for the quality. I have a Goddess Lupa classic tshirt, an In the Shadows tote bag (my fav) and an 11 Layers of Love singlet. I love them so much and am wearing and using them to death. I am going to order more now that the new designs are up. So hard to decide what to get! What do you like the look of?

These make great presents or why not gift yourself?

Let me know if there is an artwork you love that isn't in the shop yet and I will add it.


I think that is it for now, just a quick check in today to wish you all well and give you an update of what is happening here.

As always, don't forget to follow along on Facebook and Instagram and get in touch if you have any questions no matter how small.

Interested in artworks? Let me know.

Kids classes? Let me know

Art journaling? Let me know

I'd love to have a chat.



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