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Mini Abstracts

These artworks began when I signed up to donate 3 artworks for the Incognito Art Show. All artworks were to be on an A4 piece of paper. I prefer to work bigger so this was new for me. It soon became an obsession as you were only allowed to submit 3. Well, I made well over 3!

They are so much fun to make and repeating certain features means I can make them quickly without overthinking them too much. 

I love using book pages in my art for collage and this time, used a book called "The Purloined Flame" which is a mix between a raunchy love story, pirates and tarot readers.

It would have been a risque book for 1912. It is a cross between a pirate and tarot reader novel and has so many great lines. Taken out of context, they are absolute crackers!


I used a thick black marker to start off most pieces, then pencils, inks and inktense sticks to add colour. I wanted to work in a limited palette on each one, so around 3 main colours.

Each artwork had a mind of its own especially when the inks were put down. I had no idea how they were going to end up.


I then used different sized poscas to add marks and turn the ink blobs into something if it jumped out at me.

Lastly I picked a sentence or two from the book which I thought fit.

The quotes can be a bit of fun, they can be deep and inspiring or puzzling.


Some artworks have lots of pictures or videos and others, I was so engrossed in making them, I forgot to take pictures.

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