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Classes For Kids

Being an ex home school mum, I love to teach kids. In my children's last year of home schooling, I ran a weekly group for primary aged kids and their families. We would have guest speakers, learn about different cultures and do art and science activities. I also ran school holiday art workshops for home school and mainstream kids.

When my kids went to main stream school, I really missed teaching so decided to run lessons from home. I try and cater to the child's skill level and get them to try new things.

The private lessons can be per person, per family or a small group of friends.

My aim for the kids is:

1. To give them the tools and confidence to create wherever they are. I want them to look around the house or whatever environment they are in and use what they have, not be dependent on expensive supplies.

2. For them to realise that everyone is different, we all have different ideas and skills. I want them to use their imagination and not copy from me or anyone else in the class. I show them a technique and they create their masterpiece. It is amazing how different ideas come out of the same lesson.

3. For them to not beat themselves up if it isn't going the way they had imagined. 

My motto is that "there are no mistakes in art, only happy surprises". If you make a mistake, you learn from it and you can always turn it into something else - often better than what you had originally planned.


My teaching style and art room:

My teaching style is laid back, although the kids know when it is art o'clock, it is time to sit down and do the lesson. If they are coming straight from school, they have afternoon tea and a quick run around in the yard together so are happy to come and sit.

I have a dedicated art space in my home in Winmalee which is in the middle of my house. It is a fun place that can get messy. I am not precious about my tools or paints or tables. I encourage talking, but respectfully when I have finished explaining the lesson and not over the top of others. The kids like to talk about their day and about what they are doing, and I prompt them for different ideas to get them thinking about their artwork. I don't do anything for them unless they are really struggling, and I can see that it is getting them down.

Please email me at for more info on next term's program and availability or holiday workshops. Alternatively, you can call me on 0415 473 268. The classes are small and fill up quickly, so I don't usually advertise, it is more by word of mouth. 

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MarblingWeek 1

My three children love Jade's Art Lessons and look forward to them all week. She is fabulous with them, and very attentive to their individual, and sometimes difficult needs . She adapts the lessons to fit each of them so that my three very different children all enjoy them!

Jade is a previous homeschooling mother and understands that my children are not used to sitting in the one room and doing something dull. They often have their lessons outside if the weather is nice, either outdoor deck area or, even more fun, in the backyard itself on a blanket, making things, and being able to move freely around to get rid of some of their excess energy, which I love!

We're all looking forward to next terms lessons!

Cindy - Parent

Woodford, NSW

I love seeing my daughter come home from her art class with Jade so proud of herself and what she has created.

Jade has a wonderful ability to encourage our often reluctant and hesitant daughter to explore and try new things, which is a huge thing for her.

My hubby and I are so grateful for how well Jade seems to understand our daughter and is able to create individualised art lessons that allow our daughter to explore her interests and develop artistically and personally.

Lisa - Parent

Springwood, NSW

I really like doing this class because I can relax. It's fun and fun is good, and it's also good for your mental health because of how relaxing it is. If you go there once a week and say, on the weekend, you're brothers and sisters have been screaming and crying all that time, then it will all flow out and you will be ready for another week of it.

I faithfully recommend it.

Signed Amy

Amy - Student

Woodford, NSW

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