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Mixed Media Artist and Teacher


I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia.

For me, art is very grounding. It pushes me to learn new things about myself by constantly asking questions keeps me in check.

Most of my art is created unintentionally meaning I have no set agenda, it just comes out. So, to me, "Creative Abyss" means imagining and creating something from deep inside.

I work in mixed media and love using lots of layers. My mantra is "Texture, texture, texture!"

Creative Abyss is a fun way for me to let my hair down, be creative, learn about myself and have a whole lot of fun.


My purpose in life is to create and to share it with others whether that be selling my art or teaching it.

I am a self-taught artist, constantly learning new skills and sharing them, teaching kids' holiday workshops and giving private lessons.


I stand for painting with all my heart and soul, pouring love into it so it can be the best possible version. I paint for myself. I stand for growth and learning.


I stand against painting for the masses.


My mission is for everyone to have something in their homes that they can connect with on an emotional level. When times are great or shit. Something beautiful to look at which inspires them, something calm to look at which quietens them, something perky that inspires them to take action, something inquisitive that they can mull over. People are so caught up in work, raising kids, the mundane tasks of life that we forget to take time out and check in with themselves. Admiring art can help take time out and reconnect.

My mission teaching kids is for them to be creative without the restraints put on them at school to colour in the lines or colour in their tree green or the whole class reproducing the same thing.

I want them to use their imaginations and feel empowered by what they do. I want to give them the skills to create something amazing wherever they are and not rely on expensive materials. I want them to learn that it is ok to make mistakes.

My mission teaching mums is to give them the time and space to be themselves and not have anyone dependent on them. Mums give so much of themselves and I want them to do something just for them. I want them to know they can create something from nothing. If times are tight they can create something amazing using their kid's art supplies, junk mail, sticks etc to make something incredible that they can be proud of. It is a place of no judgement.


To see my art and how much fun we have in our classes, check out my other pages.

Jade Forder

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