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My Art on Products from Redbubble

Redbubble useable & wearable products.


  • Wear it - adults, kids and baby clothes

  • Wrap it- around your tech or your neck

  • Lay it - on your lounge, bed or floor

  • Hang it - on your walls or your shower

  • Stuff it - with your pens, credit cards or business cards, weekend away or holiday gear

  • Stick it - on your drink bottles, cards, laptops or books

  • Write it - in your journal, note book or shopping lists

  • Put it together - doing a puzzle

  • Pour it - from a cup, mug, drink bottle or travel mug

  • Pet it - bandanas, mats and blankets for your furry friends


These make fantastic gifts or snag yourself something. It soon becomes addictive.


Redbubble source their products from the best people to do the job which means your products might come from Australia or from OS which will be reflected in the shipping. Either way you can be assured it is top quality. My family are walking advertisement for how much we love my Redbubble products!

Click the your favourite designs below to take you to the shop!


I would love my artwork to be in your home, not just hanging on your wall. Make sure you send me a picture of your purchase!

If there is an artwork you love but it isn't in my shop yet, email me and I will add it for you

lap me up-classic-t-shirt.jpg
redheads have more fun.JPG
green in nature.JPG
fans & flowers.JPG
calm within-classic-mug.jpg
medusa-spiral-notebook (1).jpg
pink bird blue-zipper-pouch.jpg
Regenerate red-throw-pillow.jpg
pears classic t.jpg
shadows_iphone case.jpg
flossy sticker.jpg
prickles shower curtain.jpg
work-83943487-leggings (1).jpg
midnight waterholes-pet bowl.JPG
11 layer_water bottle.jpg
kaleidoscope_art deco_phone camera.jpg
kaleidoscope_spring purple_spiral notebook.jpg
kaleidoscope_red riding hood_mug.jpg
kaleidoscope_abstract weave_cushion.jpg
kaleidoscope_new year dreams green_duffle bag.jpg
kaleidoscope_new year dreams purple_leggings.jpg
kaleidoscope_spring yellow_clock.jpg
kaleidoscope_crone_sleeveless top.jpg
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