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My Not-Just-A-Greeting-Cards are beautiful cards printed on linen and are too good to throw away. They can be collected or gifted.


The cards are photos of my original artworks and journal pages. Some art close ups, outdoors, shot in UV or the full image. 

Each card is blank inside so you can write whatever your heart desires!

A description on the back lets you know that you can look up the artwork to find out more about it or enquire about classes.

They are perfect for birthdays, congratulations, thank yous, get wells soons, condolences and new baby/pregnant Mummas.

* Stock up

* Create a Creative Abyss gallery wall

* Gift them to your friends

* Write yourself love notes and hide them around the house

* Write beautiful notes for strangers and leave them for them to find

Each card measures 12x17cm when folded and comes with an envelope.

Buy 4 get 1 free. Use code CARDB3G1FREE