Frankie gets her name from the Frankie magazine which I tore the flowers from for her hair.


Frankie finds peace in her garden.

She finds wonderment in nature.

Little things bring her joy.

She practices gratitude.


Look to her for inner peace, for encouragement and for a reminder to be grateful for what you already have around you.


Frankie is made with impasto paint, watercolours collage, graphite, stay anywhere pen, posca pens and a uni-ball signo pen on watercolour paper.


Please note: The green colour is really hard to edit scans. The emerald green colour doesn't do it justice in photographs and it is really hard to edit in scans. The photo of her in the garden is the closest to the correct colour.


Take a look at the frame mock ups to get an idea of different colour combos you could use to have her framed.


  • There are no returns on artworks.

    The utmost love and care is given to packing so your artwork arrives safely