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Shop local this Christmas!

Can you believe the year is almost over?

Covid’s affect on businesses has meant people are savvier about shopping local and supporting their communities. It has also meant people have reassessed what is important to them like a better work life balance.

I think it has helped people take time out for themselves and spend quality time with family.

With these ideas in mind, I have put together some Christmas gift ideas for the whole family.


Original artworks - These are designed to help you take time out to reflect, be grateful, manifest your desires and remind you of the beauty in your life.

(See tonight and next Tuesday night's Facebook and Instagram posts for the new additions to my shop).

Beautiful Close Ups ecourse – This is an online course for you to do in your own time. Whether you are an artist or a complete newbie, this course is for you if you are curious and wanting a way to express yourself artistically and find a new way to look at the beautiful things in your every day life. It is a lovely way to have some "me time".

Art journaling class voucher - This is a beautiful group class held at Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre. It is a safe space for you to learn how to get in touch with who you are once everyone’s expectations of you are shed. You learn art skills and get to have fun!

1:1 art lesson voucher in my art space. This is 1.5hr long class and we can do whatever interests you.

Commissioned artwork voucher. The person being gifted the voucher can get in touch with me to go over ideas. This can be $20, $50 or $100 to go towards an artwork. Here are three I was commissioned to create last Christmas.