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Give A Child The Gift Of An Experience

I have had a crazy amount of interest in classes this past month and heaps of new followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Yay! Thanks everyone!

So, I though I should share some of the classes I have on offer in my art space in Winmalee and at Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre.

As we are in the thick of silly season, I keep hearing more and more people wanting to get their loved ones experiences rather than stuff.

These classes could be perfect for your creative child and I have vouchers available for all of them.

These are super fun, messy classes for primary aged kids. The lessons aim to teach kids new skills, expose them to new ideas, show them how reflect on their own artworks, learn to use materials they have at home and to learn to be resilient and respectful of others. 

I have on offer:


These are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and run to NSW school terms . I think these days will still be the same in 2020 but will depend on the availability of my returning students.

The new program will be posted on the "booking" page on my website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

As a Creative Kids provider, you are able to use your voucher to go towards these classes.

Creative Kids ad

Vouchers can be bought here


These are great as a one off, and are usually given as a gift. I will talk to you about the your child's interests and build a lesson from there. I usually give your child 2-3 options to chose from, based on what you have said and they can chose on the day.

These classes go for 1.5hrs and can be booked anytime during term, holidays or on a weekend that is mutually agreeable.

Here is an example of one student's beautiful altered book.


These are run 2 days every holidays and have 2 sessions a day for 1.5hrs each.

January 2020 classes are Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th.

You can attend one or as many as you like.

These art workshops are a great way to get kids off screens and get them trying new things, learning new skills, meeting new friends or catching up with old ones and having fun.

The program will be posted shortly.

Vouchers can be bought here


If you want to make time to bond with a child in your life who loves art, this is the perfect present for them!

If you know a busy adult who wants one on one time with their child in a creative way, this is the perfect present for them!

This is such a beautiful way to make memories with a special person. It could be a mum and son, an uncle and niece, a grandma and grandson.

It is a popular present and is so much better than giving "stuff", you get to keep and artwork and make memories together.

You get to spend quality time together bonding, as well as having fun and being creative.

This class is tailored to your interests. These classes go for 1.5hrs and is for 1 adult and 1 child. It can be booked anytime during term, holidays or on a weekend that is mutually agreeable.

Vouchers can be bought here


Don't forget I also have 15% off all my artworks in store (see exclusions).

make sure you use the promo code at checkout to get the discount.


Make sure you stay in touch to find out when the next classes are, and check out the programs for the holiday workshops and after school classes.

You can do this by:

* subscribing to my email list through my website.

I don't spam. You will get maybe 1 email a month from me and there is a freebie when you join.

* following me on Facebook

* following me on Instagram

If you want to know more about me and the classes I run, you can always have a read here.


Last but not least, I will write soon about adult classes in more detail, but you can go here to get a head start and see what is on offer and head to my shop if you want to buy a voucher for yourself o someone else.

This list will be updated soon to include:

* Art Classes for Busy Mums 2hr class once a month on Wednesdays. It is a year long class teaching different skills building up to a major work at the end of the year.

* Soul Connection Art Journaling classes on the last Friday of the month at Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre. Classes are all about making time for yourself to to reflect, to really listen to yourself and find the answers that are already inside.  We use a prompt each month to help you create your artwork.

It is not a strict art class, it is about the process and what you discover along the way so don't worry if you have never done any art before.

* One on one classes as a one off of a set period of time.

* Connect With Me - for the busy adult who wants to make time for a little person in their life.


Please get in touch if you have any queries or want to book a class or voucher. or 0415 473 268.

I hope you are all surviving the heat and staying safe with all the bushfires around us.



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