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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 25

Motherhood is a journey of relentlessness, wisdom and warmth. It is filled with endless sacrifices, joy, love and resilience. It has the power to nurture, heal and inspire. Each wrinkle and scar tell a story of love and devotion to our kids. It is challenging, amazing and beautiful.

In my 40s I am always peeling back layers discovering who I am aside from being a mum.

I look back at the craziness of life, the obstacles, the gifts and the lessons learned.

This is what I pour into my art. Each one holds a part of my soul.

Painting intuitively means I never know what is going to appear on my page and what message might come up for me while I do it.

I am passionate about creating art that honours motherhood and womanhood. Sometimes it has a hint of sadness, sometimes humour, sometimes pensiveness. Most of all I hope it embodies the strength and love you have within you.

Here are some ideas I thought you might like. Click the pictures to take you there.

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