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New Arrivals: Fresh and Inspiring Art for Women

Updated: Nov 23

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to share all the new additions I have for you!

The more I speak to you, the more I hear that you are exhausted, carrying the mental load, burnt out, looking for connection to others.

I hear you!

I make art for working women.

I made art, as well as being something pretty to look at, there is a story behind each artwork. Stories to empower you, reminders to connect to nature, to be among friends, to make time for fun and stillness.

I did an art room refresh yesterday and the energy is great in here!

I have taken down all the artworks on paper, put them in a different spot and hung up all my most recent ones. I love that the series are altogether now.

Hanging these up reminded me I needed to tell you about them.

photo of the Creative Abyss art room with all Jade's artwork son the wall

I'll get back to the artworks. I have something else to share with you first...


I love to journal and I know a lot of you do too. I love to write my intentions each month. I started a Full Moon Women's Circle and have joined a book club so will be writing more than usual.

I go through a lot of journals.

I decided to create one for all of us!

I decided to pick Kendra for the first one. She seems to be a favourite of everyone's and if calming.

There are 120 pages for you to fill with your hopes and dreams, your bad days and your good. No matter what, you have a space at the bottom of each page to write somethings you are grateful for.

I have a few in stock otherwise order from Amazon.

They will make a great Christmas present or Secret Santa gift.



These were a heap of fun to make. I used pretty much every supply I could get my hands on and even got carried away with the spray paint and may or may not have stencilled the rocks in our garden.

There is pencil, Japanese calligraphy ink from our exchange student Yusho, acrylic paint, collage, stencils, rollers spray paint and poscas.

photo of Graffiti Red and Graffiti Pink artworks outside in a bench seat with a cacti garden in the background

They are framed and ready to hang.

Click below to see videos of how they were made.



If you are on my mailing list or following on socials you may have seen this artwork in progress. It was created for the Luft exhibition.

As a working mum of 3 kids and a business owner I am in more and more need of space and me time. I am also well aware of the ridiculous guilt put upon mums by family and other mums for taking or even thinking of having time to ourselves.

Me time is not a luxury, it is a necessity for our mental and physical health. It is necessary for us to function and the family dynamic will run better with it.

Anyway, that is how the story of this artwork came about.

When I painted this, I searched for Ancient wind goddess and found the Aurae. In history, they are sometimes mentioned as the 2 breeze nymphs and sometimes Goddess Aura.

A stylised image of the Aurae artwork by Creative Abyss in room with blue geometric wallpaper, a blue lounge, a side table with vases and feathers

Aura was the Goddess of the gentle breeze. She could manifest winds, was a good huntress and loved running in the wild with bears.
I love the idea of “throwing caution to the wind” and running with bears. How can we do that in our time? Put a pause on the burdens we carry, run and be wild for a time, connect to our joy and come back to fulfil our roles with renewed, passionate energy?
How can we manifest our desires using our breath/words to draw things closer to us or to push unwanted desires away?

Click below to find out more and see the progress shots.

It is on canvas and ready to hang or you can frame it.



These lovely girls are all about Me time too. Connecting with nature, fun and things that you want to do.

A photo of Creative Abyss's Whimsical faces artworks, framed sitting on a bench seat with a cacti garden in the background

They are framed and ready to hang on your wall



Queen Bee is a career, an organiser, a lover of many things.
In all her business, she sometimes forgets to add herself to the list of things to take care of.
She is a reminder to take care of yourself and do something simple for yourself right now. Take a break, have a cuppa, a stretch, read a few pages of your book, sing, book something fun to do.
A stylised image of Queen Bee artwork by Creative  Abyss on a yellow wall with a table underneath and pots and pinecones on it.

She was made with watercolours, acrylics, collage, gold leaf and poscas on A4 paper. She is unframed.


I am more than happy to work out a payment plan for original artworks if you need to. Just message me.

The next artwork I am working on is a newborn present for our neighbours.

If you are loving these I would appreciate so much if you could share it on your socials or via email! This small, free gesture really helps my small business.

That's it for now!



If you are on socials, you can follow along here

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