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New Art & Experiences

Hello Lovlies!

This past week I have had some time to paint and some time to work.

Tuesday found Harper and I out in the sun painting. We had the music cranked up and we danced around the garden.

My garden is in full bloom and is so pretty but my sinuses aren't loving it!

Even then, we had a great time. My creativity was flowing and it felt incredible.

All artworks were made using oil pastels, collage, acrylic paint and poscas but look how differently they all turned out!

I paint intuitively, meaning I don't set out with an idea in mind, I just start, let the magic take over and see what happens.



Regenerate is an ode to the bush fires constantly threatening the Blue Mountains where I live. The last couple of years we have had La Nina so we have had a bit of a reprieve.

When bushfire season comes around, emotions are triggered, anxiety is high, new skills are learnt to protect our families and homes and emergency bags are packed. Even though it can be stressful, I wouldn't change anything. I love my home.





When I made this I did not have pears in mind at all!

After the layers of paint, I couldn't unsee them, so pears they became!

I very rarely paint food but I really like this one.

It is bright and fun. Perfect for a kitchen.





I didn't have anything in mind when I painted these. I thought they were going to be pure abstracts but this little bird was busting to be seen. I gave it a cute little crown. I love how the pink drips turned into plants.

Can you just take a look at how freaking cute she is?





Two more exciting things I am busting to tell you about are:


The end of the year is art exhibition time.

I feel like I am in an application frenzy making sure each one is the right fit and not just doing it for the sake of it. Working out which ones need frames and which are online. Which ones need specific sizes frames and which ones I can go big with. The dates are all in my calendar to ensure I don't miss any drop offs and I think I am set now! Upcoming events to put in your diary are:


This week had me teaching my first full family class to 2 families!

I usually run Connect With Me Classes for 1 adult and 1-2 kids but I had 2 families with both parents and their children. It was so lovely! One family were from the city so we did a Blue Mountains themed class foraging for plants and things around the house to print with, then adding in some Australian animals. The other family did my Beautiful Close Ups class where we looked at every day things around the house and turned them into something beautiful. We also had some time at the end to practice drawing faces. If you are interested in either of these classes let me know and we can book something in. Beautiful Close Ups is an online class you can do in your own time or we can incorporate it in a face to face class. Well I think that is all the news for now! Have a lovely week everyone!



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