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Art & Classes For Kids

I started making artworks for kids when my own children started being invited to birthday parties. Personally, at our house, I was fed up with plastic toys and things that broke straight away or were grown out of quickly and thought others may feel the same way.


My solution was to create something fun for kids to look at each day and not get sick of.

I create them on a whim when an idea pops into my head and also by commission.

The collages are all made of textured paper and framed. Other materials I use
include  fabric, acrylics, pastels, pens, watercolours, leather, wood, shells, nuts, bark, feathers and anything else interesting I can find. 

Being an ex home school mum, I love to teach kids. I run holiday workshops, private lessons and after school classes. I am constantly learning new skills and techniques and love to share them with the kids.

Private Classes
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