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I love this quote from Dr Seuss. This is how I am feeling today.

"Today is your day You're off to great places You're off and away You've got brains in your head You've got feet in your shoes You can steer yourself any Direction you choose"

I have been pondering and procrastinating for too long!

Today is launch day for the Beautiful Close Ups e-course and I can't wait to share it with you!

Art class promo photo

I love doing online art classes. It all started years back when I bought Life Book by Tamara Laporte. It was a year long course that taught me I could use art to help me personally. Tam was so sweet, and her artworks are inspiring. The course had around 20-30 teachers, with 1 or 2 teaching a lesson each week. I loved that I could log on whenever I wanted and do it in my own time. I could save the classes, so I always had them. I learnt how to use all different supplies and Life Book helped me create my own style. I loved seeing my journey each year from beginning to end.

Since doing these classes I discovered my purpose in life – To create and to share it with others.

I have also "come into my power" through art. If that is a thing!?

I have learnt:

  • how powerful art journaling can be, helping me through some tough challenges

  • about the power of gratitude practice and intention setting (check out my previous blogs to find out more)

  • how soul nourishing it can be to create

  • how enjoyable it is when you do a class with a loved one

Now I share those things in my kids classes, art journaling classes and Moon Phase Intention Circle.

I have learnt that all it takes to start being an artist, is to take the first step with no expectations and to practice.

Doing these online classes got me to thinking "Hey! I can do this!". Covid also gave me a kick up the butt, having to think differently about my business and the new way forward.

One of my goals this year was to find new ways of sharing art with people. Writing an e-course that would suit almost everyone was on that list.

I want people to feel the buzz you get when you have created something deep from within. Something you didn’t know you had inside you. I want people to know the feeling of accomplishment when you create something beautiful. It really is like magic.

I started writing and put it in the too hard basket, got inspired and wrote some more, and put it in the too hard basket again. My free course "Things That Make Me Happy", earlier in the year was a step in the right direction. I got great feedback and that gave me the courage to just do it.

Art class promo photo

When I have an idea, I like to be held accountable for it. It might be sharing in my Moon Phase Intention Circle when we do our intentions and releases, or I might write it on the fridge for everyone to see. As soon as I write it down, it is out there, and I need to do it. Part of being accountable with this course, was passing it on to others to review and give me feedback. Thank you Michelle and Veni, I couldn't have done it without you!

Now I can tick it off my list. Phew! Done and done.


I made Beautiful Close Ups with adults and kids in mind. Adults may want to do it by themselves or they may want to spend some quality time with their kids.

You can use expensive supplies, your kid’s supplies or anything in between.

It is a watercolour class with lots of watercolour tips but you can also just use coloured pencils if that is all you have.

Art class supply list

It is split into 3 sections which can be done all in one go or you can come back to it as you have time.

If you haven’t already had a watch, I made this intro video to help you understand more about my hopes for you doing the class and what you get when you buy it.

I want you to shake off the old belief that you are not creative. Everyone is creative, you just have to give it a go.

Remember my rule “There are no mistakes in art, only happy surprises” and that will help you through.

Here is an excerpt from the course:

"What makes something interesting to look at? Is it a colour? A shape? A pattern? The lines? The texture? The way it makes you feel?

We are going to take a closer look at simple things in our home and garden (if you have one). These are mundane things that you have seen so many times and wouldn’t expect to be beautiful or interesting. I am going to give you two examples over the page and show you how they can be interesting. You will see how you can use these every day things to make your artworks interesting and one of a kind."

Once you buy the class you will get an invite to the Beautiful Close Ups Facebook group. You can share your art and experiences. You can give feedback and ask questions. You can give ideas for future classes. You will have my support via this group or email, which ever you prefer.

As with all my classes, this group is a place to be supportive of your fellow artists. It is a place to feel seen and heard. It is a place to lift others up and to cheer them on their journey.

So what does $40 get you?

It gets you:

  • Hours of my art experience which will help you understand how to use watercolours and other supplies

  • Hours of my teaching experience helping you to participate in the class and make something amazing.

  • Hours of brain storming to come up with the content

  • Hours of experience creating Policy & procedure manuals in my day job, which helped me make this e-course all pretty for you and easy to understand

  • Hours using Canva to create beautiful marketing images

  • Hours taking photos and uploading them for the PDF

  • Hours spent on social media marketing and creating a rapport with all my followers

  • Hours spent updating my website for you to be able to purchase the course

  • Hours spent writing script notes and filming the into

  • Hours spent updating the course after reading the amazing feedback from my reviewers

  • Hours spent blogging and emailing my website subscribers

  • Hours of Facebook group mediation

  • My ongoing support

  • It gives you the experience and confidence to keep creating after you have finished the course.

  • It gives you time away from everyday life to do something just for you.

  • It gives your and your child memories for life when you create together

  • It uplifts your spirit knowing that there is beauty all around you

So here you go! What are you waiting for? Do you want to get creative?

If the answer is yes, click below.