Free Art Class & Lessons Learnt

Updated: Aug 3

I have been toying with the idea of online art classes for over a year.

The world is being taken over by Corona virus craziness and lots of us are in self isolation, which means it is an ideal time to run them.

I had the perfect class to bring people together. Something suitable for adults as well as kids.

I thought it would be easy, but boy was I wrong! My plan was to do a Facebook live and get it all done in one go with the class lasting an hour. I wanted kids and adults to join, and to ask questions and to share their art works. I wanted it to be a community of people creating at the same time. An hour prep and 1 hour class, time spent answering questions and supporting the group and if all went well, I would make it a weekly thing.

Alas, that vision was not to be. My phone kept cutting out midway through doing trial lives. I had to think of plan B.