Gypsy was the beginning of my reaquaintance with gouache paint. I had painted with it in school but hadn't played with is since.


This style of painting is called gouache resist and it was really scary to do! Once I had drawn my image, I had to paint it like a mosaic with spaces left in between the colours. After that I had to cover the whole thing in black in and let it dry. I thought I was going to ruin it! Next was to get a thick brush and brush away the ink under a running tap. The black ink filled the gaps I had left and some random spots where I hadn't painted thick enough. I was so impressed with the results. This is a very imperfect art. You can't get stressed about it not going right, because you have little control over what happens. It is very freeing.


Gypsy is a strong women who knows what she wants.

She is not afraid to dream.

She asks for what she wants.

She finds solace in family.


Look to her for encouragement, to dream big and achieve your hearts desires.


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