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This photo is exactly how I feel when I think of you, my loyal fan base.

It is also how I feel about birthdays- mine and yours. I love a birthday celebration!

In a few days I reach level 42 and you get to reap the rewards!

Officially the sale starts Monday morning but I am giving you a head start.

The code for 15% off artworks Monday 1st-Sunday 14th is BDAYSALE21.

If you are an email subscriber you would have have been emailed your early bird code already.

If you are kicking yourself for missing out and want to be in the know next time, don't forget to sign up!

Every woman is a Goddess.

I create art to reflect that belief.

Art is not just a luxury item, it is an experience that I want to share with you.

I am fascinated by Ancient Goddesses, who they were and why they were worshiped. I paint them as Modern Goddesses so they are relatable in our time. Each of them has a story and shows you how you can use the painting to draw strength from them and grow.

I paint Mindful Women to help you reflect on what is important to you. Help remind you who you are once all the expectations of others have been removed.

I paint Abstracts to help you take time out to relax and reflect on your day.

We all lead busy lives.

We all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves.

Time shouldn’t be an excuse for putting off how we are going to make that happen.

Let your artwork be a consistent reminder to slow down or reach the next level, manifest your desires or be grateful for what you already have.

Whether it be an original artwork, a print, a Not-Just-A-Greeting-Card, a class, a voucher, or something from my Redbubble shop - there is something for every Goddess.

I will not be having a Christmas sale, this is it.

Take a look at what is happening -

(All images are linked so click away to find out more)



15% off all original art. Most are painted on watercolour paper sized A4-A3, but there are some on canvas A4 and larger.

Need a frame? Can do! I can get a ready made if you are on a budget or I can work with Picture It Framed Gallery to have it professionally framed for you. Just let me know.

A ready made frame for an A4 picture will be around $50. A3 will be $70.

Cost included frame, time spent purchasing and framing or postage if bought online.




* These are super handy to stock up on

* They are beautiful

* They can be used for many occasions

* They can be reused as artworks in a frame

* Buy 3 get your 4th free

* 4 can be given as a gift to start a mini art gallery or collect them all!


* All my artworks

* Designed by me

* Some art the artwork itself or in situ

* The back has a note if it is an artwork for sale so you can read all about how it was made

* Printed on linen paper so it is textured

* Lots of different designs to choose from

Use the code CARDB3G1FREE to get your 4th one free today.



Ready for delivery and posting now!



Goddess Amaterasu above is just one of 11 designs available to be printed on 90 items.

Redbubble prints on demand so you order and they print. There is no stocking up on goods, so less waste. They source their products from who ever prints on that item the best so you know they quality is going to be good.

My family are walking advertisement for my art on products. We have leggings, hoodies (adults and kids), tshirts, aprons, stickers, travel mugs, mugs, bags, notebooks, water bottles, clocks and zip pouches.

There are all sorts of things you can have printed on such as:

  • Men's, women's and kids clothes

  • Tech covers for phones, tablets and laptops

  • Homewares such as bedding, cushions, shower curtains, mugs, travel cups, water bottles, aprons, clocks, puzzles and magnets

  • Stationery such as stickers, notebooks, journals, pencil cases, mouse pads, stickers and postcards

  • Accessories such a bags, masks, pins and puzzles

  • Wall art such as prints, metal prints, canvases, framed prints and board prints



This e-course makes a beautiful gift either for yourself or for another Goddess.

It is a gentle way to get back to making art if it has been a while.

It is a fabulous way to find your creative spark if you were told you weren't creative as a kid.

It is a class you can do by yourself or with your family.

Beautiful Close Ups is about helping you look at your home and environment with new eyes.

Using the supplies you have at home, you will use found objects as prompts to create something of your own.

There is an introduction video and easy to understand PDFs.