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End of year update for 2021!

Hello everyone!

I am starting to wind down the admin side of things now so this will be the last big update for the year.

There seems to be sales and exhibitions at every turn and so much creativity happening! I love it!



Last month I entered 3 exhibitions (Bluethumb Art Prize, Blue Fringe Art Festival and Blue Mountains Artfest) which was a lot for me and I am happy I did it. It was the first time my son Moss had entered too and I was so proud of him. He is right into Manga and draws every spare second he has.

It was also the first time my student Lisa had entered and she won for her age group! The other students and I are so happy for her. Big congratulations Lisa!

Click here to have a look at the exhibition closing on the 28th. There is still time to purchase art until then.



Thank you to those who bought products in my Birthday Sale earlier this month!

Congratulations to anna@truespiritmala who one the prize pack in our give away. She received a Kendra print and 4 Not-Just-A-Greeting-Cards.

Right now there are 2 sales you should know about:

Bluethumb is having their annual sale where you can get 10-15% off artworks.

Bluethumb is Australia’s largest online art gallery connecting over 11,000 Australian artists with art buyers.

They offer free shipping and returns and Art Money if you want to pay in installments.

Click the image to view my art and others.