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Lockdown Inspiration

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi Everyone! Just wanting to check in and see how you are?

I am missing my students and all your smiling faces and have loved all the art you are sending through. I am glad that you are finding time to create.

This week I offered my free class "Things That Make Me Happy" to the Stage 3 kids at Springwood Primary School where lots of my students are. I have seen a couple in their google classroom, parents have posted on social media and emailed me their creations. I have loved that whole families have done the class together.

Some had done it last year and were surprised to see the differences a year later.

That makes me happy!

Here are Simone and Marlow's artworks. Marlow is a previous student and Simone is his mum.


The L- Word

For me, lockdown has allowed me to paint more which has been a positive.

I feel like what you see of my business is like the tip of an iceberg.

I seriously only spend about 5 hours a week painting.

The other 40 hours a week are spent :

A lot of this stuff is creative for example product creation like Not-Just-A-Greeting-Cards, using Canva to create my marketing images and self study.

Such a tiny percent is actually painting!

I have days/weeks of not a hint or an urge to paint, then I get into a slump and don't feel like my self. As soon as I pick up my paintbrush or pen, everything just feels right. I feel energetic. I usually have my music turned up and sing LOUD and son't care who is listening.

At the moment I am having a creative streak and I don't want it to end or be interrupted.

In the last 3 weeks, I have painted 3 paintings, have one work in progress, started the backgrounds of two others and have been writing and journaling a lot.