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2023 Inspired & Ease

Hello! Hello!

Welcome to a new year!

I thought I would jump online and give you an update on what has been happening and what the plans are for the year.

I always get excited at the prospect of a new year. It feels like a fresh start,

a good time to pause, reflect on the year that was, celebrate the wins and plan for the future.

I look forward to "signing off" at the end of each year and welcoming the new year.

  • I make time to review my business with Tash Corbin's Planning Posse group. This offers time to reflect on personal stuff too.

  • I then plan big stuff with her and break it down into quarters so I am not front loading everything

  • I do a big declutter of my space and put new energy into it.

  • I write my goals on my whiteboard above my desk

  • I come up with my boss anchor (my sparkly pencil case, Lunar journal and Heart Centred business planner). These get me into authentic girl boss mode.

  • I come up with my word and symbol for the year. These are on the wall right next to my computer and I look at them every day. These keep me grounded and hopeful.

  • I write a big list of intentions

EASE is my word for the year with a couple of reminders about my intentions for the year.

Last year was an absolute shitter mental health wise. I do not want to go through that again. There was lots of stuff too, but reflecting back on 2022, it was a rollercoaster!

This year, I am living with EASE. Adapting to change with EASE. Being successful with EASE. Being mentally and physically healthy with EASE. Attracting prosperity and abundance with EASE. Having fun with my family and friends with EASE. Saving money with EASE. Being recognised for my art with EASE. I want to refresh my routines, ways of thinking, refresh broken and old things around my house that frustrate me, all to help me live with EASE.

I chose the lotus or Egyptian Sesen (lotus) symbol as it represents birth and rebirth.