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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today between a niggling migraine and my youngest who recently had his head shaved and ever since, is completely wild and off his rocker, I wrote my goals on my white board.

I am a biz geek.

I love it!

I don't think it is common for artists to love the business side of things but I do. I thrive on learning new things, working it out myself and learning from others.

If you have recently joined me or have stuck around for a while, you will know I am a big fan of Tash Corbin, her business coaching, courses, biz planning system and the groups she provides. ( I bang on about her a bit. I am not affiliated, I just love her work and the powerful changes I have been able to make in my biz).

Her offerings have opened up my world up to like minded people, women who 100% support each other and cheer each other on. Women who aren't afraid to ask questions, be raw and open. Women who aren't afraid or guilty of cheering themselves on for their wins no matter how big or small.

It has helped me move my business forward in ways I couldn't imagine, the realisation that I can do business my way, connect with people ethically, get all the buzz out of my head onto paper and take action.

We also share a love of stationary :)

This is me pumped to be doing my planning at the beginning of last year.


Back to the white board.

Part of my planning with her Planning Posse group is breaking my biz down into big and small actionable chunks. My yearly review had me looking back at what I achieved last year and how I felt about it. It gave me ideas for what I wanted to achieve in 2022.

In early Jan we had a group call and set aside time to plan for 2022.

I have my 50 things for 2022. These are business and personal.

I have big biz goals.

Then I have which goals I want to do in each quarter so I don't front load the year and fall in a heap from exhaustion and disappointment because I couldn't achieve them all at once.

I have a list of areas I want to address based on last year and the small steps I am going to do to achieve them.

If goals don't pan out, I take them off the list. They aren't set in stone.

Here are my goals:

I love all the ticks! I can also tick off "my biz plan email/blog" under Q1 now.

I like being transparent in my business.

In my art I always show progress shots. I think it is important for non artists to see what goes into making and artwork, and for artists I like to share so maybe they see something they want to have a go at.

In the biz side, I am happy to share too so others can get an idea of what running a small biz entails. I am happy to share tips and tricks.

I love to show others that you can achieve pretty much whatever you put your mind to.

Put the effort in, be persistent and it will come.

In saying that, it isn't all roses. There are some bloody tough, frustrating, cry worthy times too, but I always learn from it and move on.

No one is making me do this. I am my own boss. If something doesn't work or go to plan, I have to sit with it, think about why, how I feel about it, if I want to try again or cross it off the list if it isn't for me.



The last thing I want to share with you is my word for the year. It is a reminder and anchor to keep me going.

This Christmas I received an incredibly beautiful tarot deck from my partner. I just want to look at it all day!

I always pick a word for the year and had intended to do some art journalling while on holidays. When I do this a word or sentence usually comes to me.

This time I drew a tarot card before journalling and pulled the 7 of Pentacles.

Tarot is new to me but as I understand it, this card is all abut reaping what you sow, long term investments, discipline, consistency and integrity, putting in the effort and having it pay off.

It couldn't have been a better card. I had just gotten off the Planning Posse call, had done my planning and one thing that came out of it for me was working smarter not harder. Systemising my biz, tiding up my filing, wanting to work with integrity and feeling like I have been working hard consistently for a few years now and I can feel it paying off.

My word for the year is HARVEST. It is my reminder to myself to stay on track, stay true to myself, provide heartfelt products and inspire creativity in others. My hard work will pay off.

Here is my journalling page

I would love to know if:

  • you are a small business owner

  • you have a word for the year or something you have which keeps you motivated

  • you have some big goals this year and how you are going to go about achieving them

Your goals and motivations don't need to be business related, they can be personal, family, whatever eg fitness, travel, skills you want to learn, regular date nights with your partner or 1:1 time with your kids etc.

I would love you to share!

Click the button or write a comment below.



Writing all this has made me realise I really want to run another online class.

It will be live, Saturday 19th Feb 2pm AEST.

Join me while we do a guided relaxation.

Pick your word for the year.

Use whatever supplies you have at home or spoil yourself and go and buy some.

Create something deeply personal just for you.

It will be $40 for 2 hours.

Anyone 16ys and over welcome.

Want to join me?

Have the best day everyone!



PS If you are interested in my art or checking out my other classes, you can see them here .