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Can you believe it is almost time for holiday art classes again!?

Parents are always mentioning they would love to do the classes too so I have made Friday a family day and parents can book in too if they like. We may have all kids or 1/2 and 1/2. I do run private family classes but I thought I would add it in the holiday program this time. You could invite your adult siblings or friends and their kids, or just come with your child, or just book your child. It is totally up to you. Children attending both sessions in a day will need snacks for the break. Please be on time or a couple of minutes early. 1 and 1.5hrs sessions go really quick and it is hard to have to repeat instructions multiple times if kids are late. If you haven't been before, you can find out about why I love teaching kids here As on all other booking sites, you need to book the events separately. Sorry, I have tried everything and that is the way it is done with events. If you are booking into all 4 sessions, I did create an event for that so you don't have to book 4 times. There are discounts for siblings and 1 child attending multiple sessions. You need to book a full price session first before booking a sibling or multiple session.

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We will be using foam, foil and assorted supplies to print with then use poscas to add details



We will be using Tia's "Meetings Point" image as inspiration to create a Blue Mountains themed bush and bird collage



Book your child/ren or you and your child/ren into these classes


We will be using glass and acrylics to create a portrait of your pet or family member.

Please note that each person attending will need to bring an A4 black and white print out of your chosen animal or person's head if you are booking into this class . The head needs to take up most of the page.



We will be foraging in my garden for things to print with then will turn it into something amazing!


Click image below to book into all 4 sessions

I can't wait to see you all there!

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PS If you are on socials and aren't following me yet, check out these pages where I do shout outs sharing my student's work, show my work in progress and finished art, promote upcoming kid's, family and adult classes. I share sales, stockists and exhibitions of my art and products. If you don't know me yet, youtube has some videos about why I love teaching kids.