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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Give yourself a break and have your kids join us for a bit of arty fun these holidays!

It has been a little while since I have run these, but they are back!

I have lots of creativity planned for us.

These holidays I have tied in a couple of growth mindset skills with our art.

In the "Space & Gratitude" class, the kids will learn a practice I use every week - writing down everything I am grateful for. It is such an amazing thing for kids to learn while they are young, especially when they want, want, want all the time. It is an amazing tool to use if they are having a bad day or a good day. It gets them realising that they have so much to be grateful for already and is an incredible mood lifter.

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Another day we are learning about affirmations. The kids will create their own book and come up with beautiful things to say about themselves.


Another class we are doing is "Oil Pastel Cactus". We will take a quick tour of my cacti garden, learn how to use oil pastels and create an artwork with our new skills.


The 4th class on offer is "Coffee Art". This has been popular with my family and 1:1 classes, so I thought I would run it these holidays.

Kids will mix varying amounts of coffee and water to make different shades, then use different materials to make effects in the coffee.

Your child will take home experimental pages they have worked on and turned into artworks. They will have pages to use for future artworks.


Things to note:

  • Holiday classes are for kids aged 7 and up. After school classes are for primary aged kids but I am more than happy to have high schoolers come to the holiday classes.

  • There is a discount for siblings in the same session and for 1 child attending multiple sessions. There is a bundle of 4 for ease of booking.

  • If your child is attending both sessions in a day, they will need to bring food for the one hour break in between. I will be cleaning up and setting up for the next class. It might be a good idea for them to bring a friend for the day so they have someone to play with or they can help me if it is just them.

I can't wait to see you all there!



PS If you are on socials and aren't following me yet, check out these pages where I do shout outs sharing my student's work, show my work in progress and finished art, promote upcoming kid's, family and adult classes. I share sales, stockists and exhibitions of my art and products. If you don't know me yet, youtube has some videos about why I love teaching kids.