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Gift Giving Ideas This Christmas

Times are difficult here in Australia at the moment with the cost of everything on the rise, everywhere I look business are doing it tough. Big business seem to be ticking along and the small businesses as suffering.

I can vouch for that. It has definitely been a weird year with art sales down but class bookings on the rise. It shows me that even though money is tight, people are still putting an emphasis on family time.


The stand out favourite for everyone this year has been the Connect With Me classes. Parents and grandparents have bought these to spent time with their families.

These classes are usually for 1 adult and child. This year I had families book in for reoccurring classes every month, I had 2 families of 4 book in which I loved, I had families book one off classes. All parents who came hadn't done art in a very long time and all parents got so much out of it, as much as the kids. It was as much about letting their creativity loose, letting their inner child just play and forgetting their worries as it was about spending uninterrupted one on one time with their kids. I could almost hear the sigh of relief from the adults at the end of each class when they realised this is what they had been needing.

This class is $80 for 1 child and 1 adult for 1.5hrs. Additional people can be added for an extra cost. It is for all ages. The youngest I had this year was 2yo in a full family class.


Other classes I offer are face to face one on one lessons which are $60 for 1.5hrs


If you are stuck at home or want to art in your own time, then my Beautiful Close Ups e-course is a great option. It gets you looking at things within your 4 walls in a different light. You will use your own supplies to create something beautiful. It can be done again and again with different results each time.

It is $40 and is for all ages and abilities.


Another option if you are really strapped for cash or want to get to know me a little better before booking into one of my face to face classes is the Things That Make Me Happy class which is free! It is a recorded class for you to do by yourself or with family. Use whatever supplies you have at home and think about what is important to you. It is a great conversation starter and is for all ages and abilities.


All my classes are designed to put beginners at ease starting with the location of my art room which is in the middle of my home. It is an open space covered in art and pain splats. My house is your house. We often use my garden as inspiration or see my own art as something they want to have a go at.

I have an absolute belief in every student. I know they will create something they will be proud of and will be happy to show others.

Art is such a release from our usual 9-5 lives, it is about getting in touch with the magic inside and using your hands to create something special. It is missing in so many of us.



If you love to give physical gifts, I can help you out with that too.

I have Not-Just-A-Greeting-Cards which are just that. Beautiful reusable cards which can be framed. You can grab one or a few and give them as a gift, buy them for yourself and start a mini gallery or stock up for next year's occasions.

They are printed on linen card stock which is beautifully textured. They are not your typical cheap hallmark card! They are $7.95 each or buy 4 and save

Here are some examples.



If you want something to admire on your wall everyday that is a bit bigger in size, then maybe a print is your thing?

A4 prints are $40 and A3 are $70. These artworks are printed on extremely good quality watercolour paper at Picture It Framed Gallery and are sometimes hard to tell if they are the original or not.

They are great for Secret Santa presents or if you are on a budget.

Here are some examples:



If you want to step it up, invest in something that will always go up in value, look at texture you can touch, own something that is one of a kind, feel an emotional connection, then maybe an original artwork is more your style!

The intention of my artworks are not just to have something beautiful to look at but for you to have something powerful to connect with.

Each painting has it's own story whether it be about embracing transformation, slowing down, getting back into nature or tapping into your strengths.

Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity which shows how the artwork was made. Often people have no idea of the hours, layers and detail that is put into an artwork, for whatever reason, the artwork just resonates with them. I love to show people the behind the scenes too which you can see a bit of in each product listing but more of in the certificate.

Here are some examples of abstracts:

Modern Goddesses:

Mindful women:

Other nature inspired:



Useable and Wearable gifts are also a great gift giving idea especially for Secret Santas and stocking fillers.

Here is just one design as an example

Wear it - adults, kids and baby clothes

Wrap it- around your tech or your neck

Lay it - on your lounge, bed or floor

Hang it - on your walls or your shower

Stuff it - with your pens, credit cards or business cards, weekend away or holiday gear

Stick it - on your drink bottles, cards, laptops or books

Write it - in your journal, note book or shopping lists

Put it together - doing a puzzle

Pour it - from a cup, mug, drink bottle or travel mug

Pet it - bandanas, mats and blankets for your furry friends



Want to let them decide?

Gift vouchers are a great idea!


If you would like to support both me and other local businesses, you can find my products in the following stores

The Blackheath Creative stock all of the above plus earrings, notebooks, Christmas Cards and original artworks.

Blue Mountains Makers stock cards, prints, originals and Christmas baubles.

Chapters & Leaves stock my cards


Thank you all for your support, following and encouragement this year.

I know I bang on about it, but every thing you do whether it be enquiries, comments, or follows on social media, purchases or bookings, it really means a lot to me.

I absolutely love what I do and couldn't imagine my life without making art or sharing my time with you all. It is a fundamental part of who I am.

The count down is on now until the Small Business Awards night on the 5th of December. You nominated me and I am a finalist in the sole trader category. Fingers crossed. If I win or not, doesn't matter, just the acknowledgement from you all is a huge feat and puts a huge smile on my face!

So thank you for supporting my small business.



Don't forget you can follow me on:







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