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If you are living in Australia, chances are you are pretty hot right now. I think we are currently the hottest place on the planet.

hot Australian weather January 2019
This is us right now. Taken from the Bureau of Meteorology

My kids have been braving the heat at tennis camp all week. I'm not sure how they are going to go in the 41c heat, plus they are having a bbq lunch. They don't seem to be feeling the heat as much.

I am enjoying the air conditioning at home while knuckling down on some work while the baby is asleep.

What are your summer heat surviving tips?

I thought while you were staying out of the heat, you might like this offer.

I have 15% off all mixed media art in my store until the end of January. (This excludes commissions).

Use the code 15JAN19 at check out.

Remember, if you are local to Winmalee I am happy to deliver your artwork to you otherwise you can pick it up or I will post it.

Maybe you need something beautiful to look at and keep you company while you lay under the aircon? If you are on the other side of the world, maybe you want something to gaze at instead of the fire?

This is my first ever sale so it is pretty exciting to be offering it.

Remember to use the code 15JAN19 and stay cool people!

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