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Mother's Day Sale!

After the success of last year’s Mother's Day sale, I decided to do it all over again this year, bigger and better.

Last year was amazing. I sold more artworks than I had before at any one time.

I was so enthusiastic I almost gave myself a concussion jumping on the bed and hitting my head on the rafters!

The feedback was that mum's love their artworks and 2 dad's did too!

My followers bought art for their mums and they had art bought for them.

At the end of last year I launched my greeting cards and Redbubble merchandise.

All of these things make for great presents.

Take a look at what is on offer this year:


The intention behind my paintings is to offer a stillness and moments for you to reflect. Reflect on how your life is going and what things you want to call into it. How you want to feel and what you want to experience.

There are my Goddesses who remind you of the power you have within you to live your best life. There are my abstracts which you can look at for ages and see something different each time you look. And I have my expressive women who offer reflection.

Head to my shop

Don't forget to use the code "ILUVMYMUM21" at the checkout the receive 15% off.



I had more greeting card designs printed just in time for Mother's Day!

These make a great gift, they are not just something pretty to write in. They can be framed and hung afterwards and it will be a reminder to your mum every time she looks at it. It means less landfill from usual cards and it won't be stuffed in a draw somewhere.

Use code "CARDB3G1FREE" at the checkout to get your fourth card free. You can start a mini art gallery or maybe gift some to friends and family.

Head to my shop



This year I am really excited to be able to offer my art on merchandise.

Redbubble is an Aussie company who source their prints from all over the world, depending on who does it best. Some things do come from overseas, so it might be best get in quick to make sure your gift arrives in time.

They sell prints on just about everything.

There are tech covers for phones and tablets, clothes such as tshirts and jumpers, homewares such as bedding and cushions, stationery such as note pads and stickers, wall prints, and accessories such as keep cups and zip pouches.

There is something for everyone!

I have the medium classic tshirt, small graphic tshirt, medium singlet, an apron, a tote bag and zip pouch and can vouch for the quality.

I LOVE them and get comments on them all the time.

Head to my Redbubble store. Look for the design you like and click the tiny print that says "Shop all Products" underneath to see the full range.



Not sure what to get? What about a gift voucher?

These can be used for original artworks, commissions, classes and cards.


Don't forget to share this with your partners and kids if you see something you would like!

Or why not buy something for yourself or a loved one?

Happy shopping!



PS have you signed up for the newsletter yet?

You will get first dibs on sales, shop updates and classes?

PPS You can also find out about art work in progress, commissions I am working on, what we get up to in classes, art journaling and connect on a more person level by following on Facebook and Instagram

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