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Holiday classes for kids and adults

Easter is only one week away which means hopefully you will get a break and school kids will be on school holidays!

I thought I would share with you some classes I have which you can attend face to face, as well as one you can do at home.

My face to face classes are in my home in Winmalee.

My art space is in the middle of my home and is relaxed. I love that it is a fun place for kids to get messy and be creative. It is a place where my kids and I create too and I don't have to pack up every time. We can keep coming back and working on something when we have a few minutes to spare.

In all my classes whether they are for kids or adults, I offer a space to feel heard and to be yourself without judgement. It is a place to learn new skills, make friendships and learn to be resilient through art. It is a space to grow.

Holiday Art Classes For Kids and Parents:

I am running holiday are classes again in the second week.

Spaces are booking out quick so get in touch asap if you want to book in. See email and phone number below.

ad for Creative Abyss holiday art classes
Get in touch now

I accept Creative Kids vouchers and discounts for siblings and one child booking into multiple classes.

If you child is coming to two classes in one day, they can bring lunch and hang out with the other kids during the break.

Credit for the beautiful pot featured in the ad goes to Ash In Wonderland. Go and check out her website! I want to buy all of them :)

Did you know I am also offering these classes to parents too? Every holiday, parents mention they want to come too, and I agree! Why should the kids have all the fun?


One off classes:

I have a really lovely class for an adult and child called Connect With Me. These are popular for presents but can also be a great way to bond if you are feeling like life has been really hectic and you want to spend some one on one time with your child/grandchild/niece or nephew.

The class is tailored to you and can be booked at a time that suits us both, including weekends. When you get in touch, we discuss your child's interest subject and material wise, and I come up with a couple of options for you to pick from.

Don't let your thoughts about not being creative hold you back. My classes are suitable for beginners and up.

This can be booked online. Click the pic for more info.

I also have One On One classes which are tailored to what you want to learn or practice. Again, this can be booked online and I will talk to you about what you would like to do. These are for kids and adults.


Beautiful Close Ups e-course:

The last class I have on offer is called Beautiful Close Ups.

This class is for those who want to do something creative at home either by themselves or with their family.

Minimal supplies are needed so you don't have to go out and buy anything expensive if you don't want.

The class is suitable for all abilities, kids to adults.

It isn't just a one off class, it can be done again and again with different results.

You also have access to the Facebook group to see what everyone else has made, to show what you created if you want and to ask questions.

You will receive an instant download with a supply list and how to guide.

The class uses watercolours but you can use pencils if that is all you have. You will still get a gorgeous result as it is all about recognising the beauty all around you, even if you things you look at every day that you think aren't that interesting.

It can be done in sections so you can do it all at once or take a break and come back to it.

If you want to explore your creativity, if you want to have some me time, then this class is for you.

If your kids love art and you want to spend some time being creative together, then this class is for you.

It makes a lovely gift too.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to book.

Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Redbubble and head to my website for art sales, classes and to keep up to date with events.

Have a great break everyone if I don't see you beforehand.