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How To Make An Artwork For Kids

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Well it is the beginning of the school year and kid's parties are rolling around again. There seems to be an influx of babies being born too! Everywhere I look are beautiful pregnant Mummas.

Do you wish buying a present for your child's friend, friend's child or new baby was easy?

Are you sick of buying stuff that they are going to forget or will get lost or broken?

Would you love to give them something personal that they can grow with and treasure as a keepsake?

Would you like to give them something unique, hand made just for them that they can admire every day?

If you answered yes, then I think I can help you.

My artwork for kids started for all these reasons. I was sick of buying junky stuff that kids grew out of or that got broken. I wanted to make them something fun that they could look at every day and know that it was made just for them.

I have loved watching the wide eyes of the children's faces as they open their presents. Some kids have taken their art to school for show and tell. One little girl has just had her room redone and was addiment that she was keeping all the pictures I had made her. So cute!

Here are some examples that I have gifted my friend's kids and my own kids:

Making art for a new baby is also a favourite thing to do.

I was recently commissioned to make an artwork with a woodland theme. I got straight to collaging then got stuck for a while thinking about what animals to use and what story the picture would tell. All I knew was that I was going to use paperbark for the trees.

We didn't know the sex so how would I make it fun for anyone to look at? How would I make it so that the child would grow to love it at any age?

So many questions!

I decided to put some oil in the diffuser and set my intention to make this the best possible painting I could for this baby and it worked. The ideas flowed and there was no stopping me.

Step 1 was to write a note to the baby on the paper, pouring love into it.

Step 2 was to pick the paper and collage it onto A3 300gsm watercolour paper.

Step 3 was to position the paperbark trunks and tear some book pages to use as branches.

Step 4 was to paint gesso and light water colour wash over the background and chose what I wanted to be focal points.

Step 5 was to add details with a white and black posca pen.

Step 6 was to add animal collage, washi tape leaves in the trees and rabbits I turned into picture frames on the hearth. Details were added with posca and gel pens. Step 7 was to search for a quote that fitted the family

Step 7 as Mr Maker likes to say, "Let's Frame it!"

I ended up loving it so much, it was hard to hand it over. I am so happy with the feedback, I know it will be cherished.

Feedback from my sister in law who commissioned the artwork:

"I asked Jade to create a piece of art I could give to my dear friend for her baby shower. Jade kept me up to date on the commission and sent photos, so I could see the progress. I am over the moon with the finished product. Thank you Jade".

Feedback from her friend who received the painting:

"I received the most thoughtful and gorgeous gift from a friend which was carefully designed by Jade. Her work is incredible, full of details and is now the hero piece in one of the rooms in my house".

If you love what you see, I would love to make you something. Artworks can be personalised with names, animals, things they love or newborn details.

They are made using all sorts of media such as collage paper from books and magazines, my own gelli printed paper, found objects such as bark, seed pods & feathers. I love to layer and give the artworks texture!

You can see previous artworks here

I offer framed and unframed artworks which you can commission here

Pick which one you like and you can give ideas about colours and details in the comments.

I'd love to see your photos if you want to use the steps above to make your own or if you have made art for your kids before!

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