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Setting Intentions for 2019

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

I am not big on "new year resolutions" because it is too easy to fail and get disheartened. Not to say I am lazy and don't try new things, I like to go about it differently. I like to spend time mentally checking in and seeing how things are going with me, my relationships, my kids, my passions and work. Now if only my partner could take my kids for a week so I can sort out all this shit buzzing around my head! I feel like I have so much I want to do, I just need to spew it out on paper and acknowledge it so I can get started. How do you do that with 3 kids at home??? Hmmm we'll see...

2018 was such a draining challenge of a year. I learnt lots of lessons and let go of a power I thought was being held over me. That was a massive breakthrough for me. Wow what a weight was lifted when I came to that realisation! The best part of 2018 was getting our first house and renovating it to be our own. My partner and I learnt to do so many new things in this process and we worked so well together doing them. We kicked arse! I have turned into a crazy plant lady having so much garden space. It brings me so much joy. The rest of the family think I am nuts but hey? Maybe some of the craziness will start rubbing off.

Throughout all the craziness I always relied on my art, my Friday sessions with Cindy, to keep me sane. I think it is so important to have one thing to fall back on that is only for you, whether it be art or playing an instrument, running or writing in a journal, something that makes your heart sing, makes you feel human. I think this is especially true for mum's whose lives get overrun by little people. We lose a bit of ourselves becoming a mum and it is important for our kids to see that we have passions too, that it isn't all about them all the time. We need that me time to stay sane.

These are some favourite things I made this year. Some are for sale in my shop and some are my own. What are some amazing or not so amazing things you achieved this year?

Already reflecting back a little on 2018 I decided I wanted to get some guidance on what path to follow in 2019. This week I had my first energy session with a beautiful Sharman woman and it was such a peaceful experience. I had no idea what to expect, never having been before. I was totally open to whatever was going to happen and I am so grateful that the opportunity presented itself. Everything I was told made so much sense, it was reaffirming things I knew in my heart, some of which was in my subconscious and I needed to hear it from someone else to remind me. I really needed this kick in the bum to remind me of the things that are important to me.

As soon as I got home I wanted to paint everything I had heard and "seen".

I am going to use it for inspiration for 2019 to help me set my intentions for the year and remind me of what I am capable of. It is not quite finished yet but when it is I will be hanging it in full view to inspire me.

Do you use visual prompts to inspire you?

At the beginning of the holidays I wondered how I would get through 6 weeks with the kids, now I feel like the holidays are going too fast! We are going on a well deserved break soon and I am going to sit by the river and swim in the sea, my most favourite places to be, and just chill out and reconnect with my family. No more planning for Christmas and New Year, no tiredness from the end of a school year, no worrying about anything. Just chilling the F$#@ out. We all need it. I am going to take a notebook and sift through all the shit in my head and write some stuff down. Art wise - What do I want to do differently with my art? What new courses do I want to do? How am I going to promote myself more to sell more art? The list goes on and on. I am going to give it a red hot go and write down as much as I can. I am ok with not ticking everything off the list as long as I acknowledge it and maybe put the more important stuff up the top of the list.

Have you set any intentions for 2019? Do you have any goals? What did you do well in 2018?

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