Kendra, meaning ‘clear water’ is the perfect name for this inwardly peaceful woman.


She has faced challenges.

She enjoys exploring who she is.

She grows from this.

She looks forward to the transformation which each situation brings.


Look to her for inner peace, for encouragement and for a reminder to be grateful for what you have and what is to come.


Kendra is an ink painting on A4 watercolour paper. She is embellished with posca pens, graphite, washi tape and a pilot gold pen. She has a beautiful sea green shimmer to her hair.

She was painted during a Life Book lesson with Christa Forrest but I went off on a tangent and created my own thing.


This is an A3 print.


This print comes in 2 options:

1. Kendra artwork

2. Kendra in the garden


A3 Print - Kendra

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