This artwork was made in stages with 2 years or so break in between. It has evolved from me painting a page using left over paint from a kid's class I ran, to cutting it into strips to weave with another piece of paper, to being pulled apart and left in a drawer for a while and now brought back to life for good.


I had been in a painting rut and wanted to do something playful, away from my usual faces. I found the painted strips in a draw and just started gluing them down on watercolour paper.
The contrast was great against the white but it needed to be broken up a bit and given cohesion so I decided on black stencils.


I mucked around for a bit testing different stencils and cut them into strips to fit in between. I couldn't decided so asked on social media. The consensus was to use all of them and I agreed.

I taped up all my stencils to make a ting strip and got to work printing them.

After the paint dried I used my white pen to add details over the top of the paint.


I love layers and texture and as this was originally a paper weaving, I decided to get some hot pink cotton and stitch it into the paper, like a weave.


I really love how it turned out. The colours really pop with the black and white contrasts.


This is a great painting to brighten up a room.

At first it looks like just pink and orange but there are lots of colours in here.


Mixed media on watercolour paper, needs framing.

Measures 39.3cm (W) x 29.5cm (H) x 2cm (D)

Abstract Weave

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