Goddess Amaterasu is a Japanese Goddess who is still worshiped today.


She maintains harmony and balance in both the natural world and human society as can be seen in Japanese society today.


Amaterasu is associated with 3 symbols.

The mirror is not used for vanity but to reflect the state of our soul. There is a Japanese proverb which says: “When the mirror is dim, the soul is not pure”.

In our current world, we can use the mirror as a symbol to take a good look at ourselves and acknowledge the inner reasons for our struggles and take responsibility for creating what we want. Where is there light shining in your life? Where is there darkness? Are there things in your life or people who no longer serve you well? Are there things or people who hold you down and stop you from being who you are meant to be? Are there things you need in your life? Be still, gaze into a mirror, listen to yourself and acknowledge what you need. Where can you bring in more light?


When she was born, Amaterasu was given the sacred necklace of Izanagi. The necklace is her connection not only to beauty and adornment, but also to weaving and spinning. A jewel from this necklace is said to be enshrined at the Great Shrine of Ise.

The world can be a crazy place. This is a simple way to remember the beauty in the world. It doesn’t need to be an expensive item, it could be an heirloom, something you have been given or something found in an OP shop. You could also find some beads and make your own.


Amaterasu is the Guardian of the Japanese people and in her role of protectress, the solar sword represents her martial attributes. It also represents her ability to lead her people into war when necessary.

In your own life you could use the sword as a symbol to look at your boundaries, a way of protecting yourself. Setting boundaries are not to hide away and cut yourself off. They are a way to respect yourself and others to respect you. Where you are listening to the advice of others who don’t have your interest at heart? Where are you giving too much of yourself at the detriment of your health and emotional state?

Use this painting as a way to be still and reflect on the beauty in the world and bring balance to your life.


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