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The Creative Power Package 

2022 Heart-Centred Business Auction

12pm AEST Monday 2nd May 2022

For the woman who gives and gives to others and knows the time for her is now!


She will discover the power she can wield through creativity to change her life.

This is especially great for, but definitely not limited to, mums.

Maybe you are feeling restless or lost since becoming a mum and are needing to find an identity that is not just "Mum". You know you are more than that, you have a tingling in your bones and wanting to do something that is only for you.

Maybe your work is taking over your life and you are hankering to get off that screen and use your hands in a creative way.

Maybe your brain is constantly a buzz thinking of everyone else, but what about what you want?

Settle into your Creative Power with me...

2 hr 1:1 Mindfulness Through Art Class

Put yourself at the top of the list! This is gorgeous way to rekindle your creative spark in a gentle, supportive space. Be curious. Experiment. Trust the process. Be guided to create your own meaningful artwork using minimal supplies. Zero art skills necessary, don’t let that hold you back!

Face to face in the Blue Mountains or via zoom

2 x A3 art prints

Each painting has it's own story to inspire embracing transformation, slowing down, getting back into nature or tapping into your strengths.

4 x Not-Just-A-Greeting-Cards

Collect them/gift them/frame them.

Valued at $251.80

Mindfulness Through Art Class

Join me for a 2hr 1:1 class to rekindle your creative spark.

Leave your worries behind.

Use a guided relaxation to help you come up with a prompt for the artwork you will create.

This class is all about the process, the journey you go on, the thoughts and realisations that come up for you rather than expectation around you creating the end product.

This class will give you the time and space you need to listen to your thoughts and be honest with yourself while creating something incredible.

You will learn mindfulness techniques to tap into your subconscious and find ways to move forward.

Use minimal supplies found in your home in the zoom class or join me face to face in my art space in the Blue Mountains.

Tuesday or Thursday 9.30-11.30pm, week night and weekend time slots available.

Check out some of the beautiful examples from previous classes.


2 x A3 art prints

The intention of my artworks is not just to have something beautiful to look at but for you to have something powerful to connect with.

Each painting has it's own story whether it be about embracing transformation, slowing down, getting back into nature or tapping into your strengths.

Use my art for growth and change.

Use it to be still and pay attention.

Use it to accept and move forward.

You get to choose 2x A3 prints from this selection!

Click each image to see the full artwork and description.

I encourage you to see progress photos of the original artworks, close ups, stylised images of them framed and hung and read about the process. You can find each artwork here on the Original Art page.


These greeting cards make a beautiful gift and can be reused as their own mini art print to be framed and hung once the occasion has finished. Or, collect them yourself and start your own mini art gallery.

Each card has a description on the back to let you know that you can look up the artwork to find out more about it or enquire about classes.

Here are a few designs. There are lots more so click here and pick your 4!

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