Honing My Skills

I have spent the last few years doing year long, online art classes such as Life Book. I get together with my painting buddy Cindy and we chat and paint while the kids are at school.  There are 30 or so teachers teaching a different lesson each week in all different styles. It is joined by 3000+ members from around the world. It is an online course which you can join at anytime, you can log on whenever you want, and do any course you want as long as it has been posted. You are encouraged to upload your picture for the private group to see. It is a supportive group where people give encouragement and advice if asked. I have gotten so much from this course and can't wait to do it all over again each year.

During these courses I learnt new art techniques, how to let go of perfection and learnt new things about myself. All of these artworks have come intuitively and have not been copied from the example given in the course.


Quite often, admiring an artwork, you don't realise the hours, techniques and materials used to create it. Below you will see some progress shots as well as the final work to get an idea of how each one was made.

Click each main picture for comments.

These have been sold, shown in art exhibitions or are part of my private collection.

Please go to the Shop menu to see what is available. 

I often post works in progress and new art on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I love showing process pics so you can see how each artwork was made. I would love you to go and check them out.

Life Book
Community College
Summer of Colour

Summer of Colour goes for 6 weeks each year. Each week we are given a colour prompt and we can create any type of art we want. It is a free course and has people from all over the world join. Everyone uploads their artworks to the private group.

Other Artworks

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This was a great lesson on "You get what you get and you don't get upset". I worked with my 5 year old son using myself as a reference. I had been awake all night and looked exhausted as you can see by the expression and dark lines under my eyes. My son and I tool turns to paint. I was not allowed to interfere, I just let him go with it. All I did was give him the materials and said we would be taking turns. We both really loved the experience and will do it again.